Leasing A Sports Car

Sports cars have become an increasingly common site on British roads over recent years for a number of reasons. Firstly the term sports car is much broader than it was say twenty or thirty years ago. The vehicles people used to associate as sports cars – high spec Ferraris, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis etc. – are now in their own class as supercars. Because of this unofficial reclassification, sports cars are now far more affordable than they used to be, particularly if you lease them. I am speaking from experience as I currently drive a contract hire Audi TT Coupe, and today I am going to talk a little about some of the best affordable sports cars that you can lease on the current market.

Contract hire BMW Z4 priced from around £350 a month

The BMW Z4 is a rear wheel drive sports car which has been on the market since 2002 and is currently produced as a 2-door, 2-seater coupe-convertible. The Z4 starts at £28,000 brand new with top of the range models costing in excess of £45,000, so quite clearly you can see that BMW Z4 leasing deals represent a far more affordable option.

There is a lot to like about the Z4. It looks superb from the outside whether the roof is up or down, and this quality is mirrored on the inside too. The cabin has a really classy feel to it and all versions come well equipped. As you’d expect from a BMW, the handling and engine performance is excellent and this coupled with the fact that it’s a rear wheel drive contributes to an enthralling driving experience in the Z4. Fuel economy isn’t too shabby and the only slight negative is that boot space is very limited when the roof is down.

Contract hire Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe priced from around £2,000 a month

You may be a little surprised that I’ve included the Mercedes SLS Coupe in this list of what I originally stated was going to be a summary of affordable sports cars, and I can’t blame you! By no means am I saying in any sense that £2,000 a month should be classed as an affordable price for a car, but what I am saying is that Mercedes SLS Coupe leasing deals are more attractive for those amongst us with deeper pockets than an outright purchase.

From new the Mercedes SLS can cost upwards of £165,000 – which puts £2,000 a month into perspective. In all fairness the SLS would probably be classed as a supercar rather than a sports car down its quite incredible driveability. Its performance is truly stunning and the model oozes class in every aspect. Obviously it guzzles the black stuff pretty fast and emissions are high too, but you’d be a fool not to expect that.

Contract hire Hyundai Veloster priced from around £220 a month

Back to reality and a sports car that couldn’t be more affordable if it tried is the Hyundai Veloster. It’s a perfect example of the way that the term “sports car” has evolved over recent decades. Years ago you would have taken one look at it and labelled it as nothing more than a family hatchback. In today’s market however the Veloster is classed as a sports coupe.

Aside from the fact that it looks quite different to any model you would typically call a sports car, which obviously won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it is also significantly more practical too. There is far more space in both the cabin and the boot than almost all of its rivals, while it brings diversity to the table too; it has two doors on one side and just one on the other, which actually improves accessibility. Hyundai Veloster leasing deals really do represent an affordable way to drive a modern day sports car.