The Dacia Sandero

It recently dawned on me that it was about time I upgraded my wheels. I’ve been driving to work this week in a car that struggles to start up on occasion, has a broken steering wheel and has too many bodywork imperfections to count. With my high mileage it is paramount I get a vehicle which is more fun to ride in. Something which turns heads for the right reason would be nice too!

The trouble is I don’t really fancy spending a big portion of my savings on buying myself a new car. Moreover it will be tough to raise a lot of dosh from selling my current motor. Most of my friends manage to drive new cars though so I started browsing the internet in search of alterative options, and came across a personal contract hire Dacia Sandero deal.

Sure enough, following a comprehensive investigation which involved me quizzing my friends and colleagues until they’d told me everything there was to know about the cars they drive, I found that a fair few of them had undertaken a Dacia lease agreement in the past 12 months.

This gave me a lot more confidence in the fact that this must be the best alternative method of driving a new car without paying a huge fee up front. There was still a fair amount of research conducted, but it was more concerning the different deals available for contract hire Sandero cars. I found that the main differentials between what some sites are offering as opposed to others are the number of miles you’re permitted to cover per year, the size of the initial rental that must be paid and the overall length of the agreement.

Personally I think that the deal which will work best in my current circumstances is the one which offers the lowest monthly payment with a high mileage allowance. I do a lot of travelling at the moment from Brighton to London, and I wouldn’t want to go over this limit and be penalised with a charge at the end of the term. I am aware of a potential long term deal but this really does not worry me at this moment in time. Some of my colleagues noted that it would prevent me from getting a new agreement and a new car sooner, but considering the motor I’ve been driving recently that certainly is not a priority at this moment in time!

One of the few people questioned in my friend and colleague survey who did give me food for thought was Jerome, a department manager in my office. He was explaining that a business car lease Dacia Sandero might be a viable option for me and it could work out even cheaper with regards to the initial rental and the monthly payment amount. Jerome was convinced that this had saved him a significant sum when he took out his deal. It leaves me with another avenue to investigate to determine once and for all what the best route is for me, and whether I could do this through my current company. I think I will leave that dilemma to be concluded on another afternoon though!