Leasing A 4x4

There has been a huge increase in recent years of the number of 4x4s on UK roads. A few decades ago if you asked the average person in the street about a 4x4 or the manufacturers that produced them, they’d have probably just mentioned Land Rover and possibly its American cousin, Jeep. Today however almost every manufacturer, from budget car makers to high spec supercar producers, offers some sort of four wheel drive vehicle. Today I’m going to tell you about some of the best models on the market which are currently available to lease. I’ve been researching for myself lately, as I’m looking for something larger than my contract hire Audi Q3 – the lease period is up in 4 months’ time.

I have really enjoyed driving the Q3 so probably the most logical vehicles to look at next would be the larger ones in the same range – the Q5 and the Q7. The Q5 isn’t a great deal bigger than the Q3 so I spent a lot more time looking at Audi Q7 leasing deals. I need no convincing on the quality and reliability of the Q7, I’ve had nearly three years driving its baby brother so I know exactly what to expect from a 4x4 produced by Audi. What the Q7 offers in addition to this is an even more comprehensive range of standard equipment and literally acres of room inside the cabin and the boot. One of the few factors making me think twice about the Q7 is fuel economy, which is as poor as you’d expect.

In fairness it’s never going to be cheap to fuel any vehicle of the Q7’s size, so I’ve been looking at medium sized 4x4s and one I really like is the BMW X3. I have actually seen BMW X3 leasing deals which cost less than I currently pay a month for my Q3, which is impressive considering it is the middle vehicle in its range. It boasts a fine cabin which has been crafted with premium materials (which you might be forgiven for expecting of a BMW) and what I was most surprised about was how frugal many of the engines were. It is far more economical than the Q7 and the Q3 for that matter.

Although I’m a great lover of 4x4 vehicles I’ve never really been one for off-road driving, so traditional models such as the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender don’t interest me. I have been looking at contract hire Land Rover Discovery 4s though which provide space for seven passengers. If I did go for a Land Rover however I don’t think I could look past a Range Rover Sport.