Contract Hire and Leasing

Buying and owning a car, especially in today’s economy, is no walk in the park. Even after forking out the initial payment for the actual car itself you will find that the forking never seems to stop. For this reason it may well be worth considering your options when it comes to being a motorist. Many take it for granted and believe that the only way to have a car is by buying one, this however is not the case. Now anyone is able to enter into an agreement whereby rather than buying the car you ‘lease’ it for a certain period of time commonly between 3 to 5 years. This form of vehicle hire is great if you don’t have a huge amount of cash ready to spend yet you have a steady income, for you will enter into a contract whereby you make small monthly payments rather than one huge payment or down payment. In turn you will receive a new vehicle every 3 or so years and you will rarely be confronted with any major repair risks or maintenance issues. Also should your leased vehicle breakdown at any point, there may be an option before you make the deal which entitles you to a replacement vehicle.

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